Welcome to Valueraj Advisors Private Limited

We, the 'Valueraj Advisors Private Limited', are an young company founded in 2008 and have offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore. We are independent financial advisors providing fee-based services and commission based products to you in managing your personal finances and investments.

At Valueraj Advisors, we understand you. We believe that

  • People are hard-working in their profession and earn as much money as they can. However, they lack time and knowledge to manage those hard-earned monies and they need help.
  • Personal finance matters are becoming too complex and financial assets are becoming too many in the market. Common people need help in demystifying them before taking the plunge.
  • Print, television and other media provide breaking news and information on financial markets and investments. It is difficult for people to nurture knowledge from them and then apply it specific to their own circumstances. They need help to make specific decisions.
  • Indian financial services sector is evolving rapidly and regulators are ever more vigilant to keep up the rules and regulations on insurance, mutual funds, taxes etc. People have to comply with the relevant rules and they need help to abide by the laws of the land.
  • Good health is the true wealth. However, monetary wealth makes people feel more freedom and security in life. Healthcare and wealthcare together lead to a fulfilling life and people need help in pursuing them.

There are one too many issues like this and we are here to help you manage all your money matters efficiently. We will be glad to guide you in fulfilling all your future needs such as House purchase, Car purchase, Children's education, Financial independence, Retirement life etc.  Our aim is to follow global best practices in financial advisory services and recommend comprehensive solutions to suit your financial needs and circumstances.

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