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Become Crorepati

Become Crorepati

Become Crorepati

Every individual aspires to become Crorepati sooner in life rather than later. With India’s demographics dominating younger population, earning potential of millennials has substantially increased. Becoming Crorepati can be a reality for all aspirants, with a commitment towards disciplined saving and investing from early years of professional career.

With many types and varieties of investments available, one needs to be prudent in selecting right investments, invest in them and monitor them over several years to achieve the goal of becoming Crorepati. This can be challenging for many a people like you. Our solution tackles this challenge and helps you become Crorepati as early as you want.

In this solution, we guide you through a process of investing systematically month by month, into a well-diversified mutual fund portfolio. In addition, we handhold you throughout the investment period and provide periodic reviews on the portfolio to achieve the goal of becoming Crorepati.

Below table is an illustration which indicates the monthly amounts to be invested by you in debt funds or equity funds, to achieve one crore corpus by your age 45. The average returns assumed in bond funds and equity funds are based on historic returns.

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