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Who we are

Valueraj Associates Private Limited, is one of the leading financial planning firms and mutual fund distributors in India, offering customized solutions in personal finance. Having established in 2008, it has offices currently in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, with customers across India and abroad.

Being professionally managed by qualified CFPCM – Certified Financial Planners, Valueraj is committed to provide professional and personalized solutions in Comprehensive Financial Planning and Goals-Based Investment solutions to individuals and families.

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What we believe

  • You are hard-working in your profession and earn as much money as you can. However, you may lack time and knowledge to manage this hard-earned monies and so need guidance & help.

  • Personal finance matters are becoming too complex and financial assets are becoming too many in the market. You need help in demystifying them before taking the plunge.

  • Print, television, social and other media provide loads of information and news on financial markets & investments. However, it is difficult for you to nurture knowledge from these and apply it specific to your own circumstances. You need help to make specific decisions.

  • Indian financial services sector is evolving rapidly and regulators are ever more vigilant to keep up the rules and regulations on insurance, mutual funds, taxation. You have to comply with the changing rules and regulations & need help to abide by the laws of the land.

  • Returns on traditional investment choices such as Bank Fixed Deposits and Post Office schemes have become lower in the recent years. So, you need guidance on investing in modern alternatives and achieve inflation-beating returns, to secure your financial goals and retirement.

  • Good health is the true wealth. However, monetary wealth makes you feel more freedom and security in life. Healthcare along with Wealthcare is the Mantra of life and you need help in pursuing this.

There are one too many issues like this and we are here to help you.


Financial Planning is the way of life!

Financial Planning

All of us, in one way or the other, are involved in some kind of planning related to our money matters. It could be expense planning…

Investment Planning

All of us, earn money, spend part of it for our living and save the rest for our future. You may be further deploying these savings into some investments…

Insurance Planning

You work hard to earn an income, provide for family expenses, invest the surpluses to accumulate assets and meet your financial goals in future…

Tax Planning

As you know, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes. As a good citizen, you have to abide by the tax laws of the land. As a hard-working person…

Estate Planning

You work hard, save hard and invest hard to create assets and achieve your financial goals. However, the assets that you have created could fail to accomplish your goals…

Wealth Management

Financial Planning is all about meeting your financial goals in a disciplined and confident manner. But, what if you are already rich enough to meet all your goals…


How we can help you

We are Certified Financial Planners by qualification and Mutual Fund Distributors by profession. We provide ‘Financial Planning’, ‘Goals-Based Investing’ and ‘Mutual Fund Solutions’ to individuals and families. However, we provide these services only as incidental to distribution of Mutual Funds.

We at Valueraj, design and execute a plan to meet all your financial goals in life such as house purchase, children’s education, foreign vacation, retirement income. Adding to this, our periodic reviews and touch points shall help you achieve these goals on time with ease and thus ensure financial freedom.

Our aim is to follow global best practices in personal finance domain and recommend comprehensive solutions to suit your cash flows and fulfill your financial goals.


Attain Financial Nirvana through Our Solutions

Monthly Income Solution

This solution is well suited for those individuals looking for regular monthly income, starting from the very next month of investment…

Tax Saving Solution

As per income tax laws of India, every tax payer can avail certain deductions on the total annual income which would bring down his/her taxable income…

Tax Efficient Solution

With raise in individual incomes in India, the tax outgo is a major concern to individuals who earn high income and fall under higher tax slabs…

Retirement Solution

Every one of us go through 3 phases in life. They are education, employment and retirement. In education phase, your parents take care …

Become Crorepati

Every individual aspires to become Crorepati sooner in life rather than later. With India’s demographics dominating younger population…

Goals-Based Investment Solution

Investments are not just about the quantity but also the quality. Are you sure that your earnings and investments are sufficient and suitable to meet your financial goals…

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Comprehensive Financial Plan can be very detailed and complex to such an extent that it can turn off you to understand and follow…

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