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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

What is Wealth Management?

Financial Planning is all about meeting your financial goals in a disciplined and confident manner. But, what if you are already rich enough to meet all your goals comfortably? What if your assets become more than enough to meet all your goals? Any assets created above and beyond meeting your goals become a wealth. You have a lot of discretionary power on using and investing this wealth.

Wealth Management means different things to different people. But, we define it as simply sustaining and growing your wealth by investing it appropriately. You can invest in a portfolio including stocks, bonds, gold, real-estate etc. The sole measure for investment returns in this case is the net return, which is post-expenses, post-inflation, post-tax return to you from the total portfolio. If it is positive, your investments are growing your wealth; if it is zero, your investments are just sustaining your wealth; if it is negative, your investments are eroding your wealth.

For your wealth management, we recommend and invest only in Mutual Funds. Mutual Funds is an indirect way of investing in various asset classes. Stock Funds invest in stocks, Bond Funds invest in bonds, Gold Funds invest in gold and Real Estate Funds invest in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). Based on your risk profile and our research, we create a portfolio of select mutual funds for your investments. Once invested, we review the portfolio regularly and restructure it as and when necessary so as to achieve positive net returns from the portfolio.

Why should you need Wealth Management?

Sustaining and growing wealth is more difficult than creating it.

  • Your portfolio return must beat inflation consistently.

  • Your portfolio return must be tax efficient always.

  • Initial and recurring expenses incurred in investments must be lower to generate higher net return.

  • Your investments must be for long-term. Longer the horizon, more the effect of compounding and higher the net return.

  • Wealth management is less of professional advice, more of managing your emotions such as your conviction, patience and discipline.

What Wealth Management is not?

Here are few things that Wealth Management is not:

  • Wealth Management is not just for rich people. It is applicable for any investor.

  • Wealth Management is not about generating superlative returns on your investments.

  • Wealth Management is not about catching investment booms. It is about avoiding busts.

  • Wealth Management is not about just feeling rich. It is about living rich.

  • Wealth Management is not about concentrating investments in stocks or real-estate. It is about having a balanced portfolio with proper asset allocation.

How can we help you?

We are Certified Financial Planners by qualification and Mutual Fund Distributors by profession. We provide ‘Wealth Management’ service to individuals and families. However, we provide this service only as incidental to distribution of Mutual Funds.

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