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Monthly Income Solution

Monthly Income Solution

Monthly Income Solution

“Income” comes from your profession, “Passive Income” comes from your investments

This solution is well suited for those individuals looking for regular monthly income, starting from the very next month of investment. This unique solution offers passive income for retirees, working professionals, homemakers and any others looking for monthly income. In this solution, an initial lumpsum amount is invested in well-researched bond mutual funds and a fixed income is redeemed every month through Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP).
Though this monthly income solution looks very similar to interest income received through bank fixed deposit or post office monthly income scheme, our solution offers you relatively higher returns with better tax efficiency.

The table below captures few advantages of our Monthly Income Solution:

Real-Life example of our Monthly Income Solution:

Our client Mr. Mahesh Gupta has invested ₹35,00,000 in January 2014, towards this Monthly Income Solution designed for him. He started getting a fixed monthly income of ₹25,000/- from March 2014 onwards every month till now. As shown in the chart below, even after withdrawal of ₹3,00,000/- per annum (₹25,000 x 12 months) for last several years, the initial capital remained nearly intact.

If you are keen to know more on this, you may look into our detailed report below on investment and monthly withdrawals during each financial year, since the beginning.

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