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Goals-Based Investment Solution

Goals-Based Investment Solution

Goals-Based Investment Solution

Investments are not just about the quantity but also the quality. Are you sure that your earnings and investments are sufficient and suitable to meet your financial goals?

When you are young and earning, not being dependent on parents is your financial goal. During your middle-age, family commitments become your financial goals. At your old age, not being dependent on your children is your financial goal.

At various life stages, some of the goals as listed below, are quite common to many individuals. Also, most of these goals are time bound and cannot be deferred beyond a point in anyone’s life.

  • Owning a House and Car

  • Children’s Education

  • Children’s Marriage

  • Retirement Income

  • Foreign Vacation

  • Any other specific goal

Hence at every stage of life, there is a need and prudence of investing to meet your financial goals. This is where Goals-Based Investing offers scientific approach to you.

Goals-Based Investing is a personal style of investing to achieve your goals on time by frequently investing right amounts in right investments.

What is it?


Goals-Based Investing is a process, that involves (a) collecting all relevant data on your current assets (b) identifying your financial goals (c) analyzing the data for suitability of assets to achieve goals (d) calculating the deficits to meet each goal and (e) recommending additional investments required to fill the deficits and build a portfolio of mutual funds. The flow chart below depicts the process followed by us.

Our expertise lies in carefully selecting the right mutual funds and in estimation of the exact amount to be invested and the period of investment to achieve the set goals.


Progress of all investments will be reviewed periodically with you along with required touch points on time-to-time basis. A detailed status report on all investments shall be furnished to you semi-annually along with our meticulous review and suggestions to meet targeted goals.

In summary, our role as your financial associate is to design a plan, build a portfolio of mutual fund schemes and track the progress of portfolio with respect to fulfilling your goals.

What do we do?

We believe we are part of the trust chain in the above diagram, wherein you trust us, we trust mutual fund managers and they trust promoters/managers of the companies. In this chain, be it investors or associates or fund managers or promoters/managers, everybody has their respective roles to play. It is important to make sure that all these roles are well played, so as to help you in achieving your goals comfortably.

For your better understanding about this solution, we attach below a real-life example on Goals-Based Financial Plan of Mr. Ramesh Rao and family. Treat them as sample data form, sample plan and sample review report.

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