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Monthly Income Solution

This solution is well suited for those individuals looking for regular monthly income, starting from the very next month of investment. This unique solution offers passive income for retirees, working professionals, homemakers and any others looking for monthly income.

Tax Saving Solution

As per income tax laws of India, every tax payer can avail certain deductions on the total annual income which would bring down his/her taxable income & thereby reduce tax outgo. Section 80C is one such provision to avail a tax deduction of ₹1,50,000 on the total income,

Tax Efficient Solution

With raise in individual incomes in India, the tax outgo is a major concern to individuals who earn high income and fall under higher tax slabs. Our Tax Efficient Solution helps those individuals in higher tax slabs, who wish to reduce tax outgo on their investments such as Bank Deposits,

Become Crorepati

Every individual aspires to become Crorepati sooner in life rather than later. With India’s demographics dominating younger population, earning potential of millennials has substantially increased. Becoming Crorepati can be a reality for all aspirants, with a commitment towards disciplined saving and investing from early years of professional career.

Goals-Based Investment Solution

Investments are not just about the quantity but also the quality. Are you sure that your earnings and investments are sufficient and suitable to meet your financial goals? When you are young and earning, not being dependent on parents is your financial goal. During your middle-age, family commitments become your financial goals.

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Comprehensive Financial Plan can be very detailed and complex to such an extent that it can turn off you to understand and follow it. That’s why we want to keep it easy to understand, simple to implement and feasible for regular reviews. We call it Practical Financial Plan. As depicted above, we develop a sequence of various sub-plans referred below as part of Financial Plan.

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