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Tax Efficient Solution

Tax Efficient Solution

Tax Efficient Solution

With raise in individual incomes in India, the tax outgo is a major concern to individuals who earn high income and fall under higher tax slabs.

Our Tax Efficient Solution helps those individuals in higher tax slabs, who wish to reduce tax outgo on their investments such as Bank Deposits, Company Bonds which incur tax liability on the interest gained each year. On the contrary, this solution invests into a portfolio of well-chosen Debt Mutual Funds, that incur tax liability only at the time of redemption and also offers indexation benefit after 36 months of holding. This reduces the overall tax outgo for you and provides superior post-tax returns relative to other instruments.

Below table, illustrates a Real-Life example, where an investment of ₹10,00,000 in a Debt Mutual Fund for 3 years, offered superior post-tax returns compared to a Bank Deposit.

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